Experts in Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis

“Dear Amy and Jenna,
Thank you for going the extra mile for this patient, especially on a Friday night. I understand you were on the phone with her until 8:30pm. Reprogenetics is lucky to have you both on our team.”- Kelly K.

“Thanks so much for all your help.. I am very grateful that Reprogenetics were able to make the cycles run smoothly, both patients are pregnant and we could not be more pleased. I appreciate how the staff have been available to answer questions and help us.. keep up the good work.”  – Sarah, Arkansas Fertility & Gynecology

“Thank you, excellent work!!!” – Sylvia, Acacio Fertility

“Thank you so much, this is such great stuff, and a job well done!!” – Awie, La Jolla IVF

“I can not even begin to tell you how you have helped me. It may be no big deal to you, but you have helped me and my family tremendously. I can not thank you enough, just know that I am grateful and very appreciative for your help… Now since I think you are an angel, we need to pray for 2 healthy boys”

“I’m using Reprogenetics, they quoted me 6-8 weeks to build my probe but ended up finishing it in less than 4 weeks! Their head financial person Heather was absolutely wonderful-When we get pregnant with our take home baby, I’m sending her a gift basket

“Today we baptized our child. As I reflect on the day, I can’t help but think we would not have our children without you and the entire Reprogenetics team. Our two children are testimony to the amazing service you provide. Thank you for pushing the boundaries of science and for making it easier for people like us to finally have children of our own”

“This is all to say that I’ve been thinking about just how grateful we are fo all thatworked out in our case. The technology and your assistance which came through in the end. With great appreciation to you and the tem for persisting and treating our file ASAP with new technology”

“I can not even behind to tell you how you have helped me. It may be a no bid deal to you but you have helped me and my family tremendously. I can not thank you enough, just know that I am grateful and very appreciated for your help..have a great day! Now that I think you are an angel we need to pray for 2 healthy boys”

“Running a busy medical practice can be quite demanding. Having Reprogenetics as a reliable partner in providing as a reliable partner in providing superior service to our patients gives me the piece of mind that they will receive personalized state-of-the art care.”

“Our collaboration with Reprogenetics has been invaluable in developing this increasingly valuable aspect to our practice. After 2700 PGD/PGS with them, we continue to look forward to further this collaborations the technology evolves and inevitable transforms our practice”

“Reprogenetics has served our practice for over a decade and over 2800 PGD procedures wth reliable aneuploidy screening and single gene testing. We have been extremely please with their service”

“Having worked closely with Dr Santiago Munne and Reprogenetics team since 1999, I consider them the global leaders in PGD/PGS. They keep us at the cutting edge of this technology and to deliver excellent and individualized patient care. They do this with passion and a genuine desire to solve real patient problems. We consider them to be critical part of our patient care team.”

“Reprogenetics has been at the forefront of PGD innovation from the start and I am proud to share many papers and healthy babies with them”