Experts in Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis

The Reprogenetics team has been performing PGD since 1991 and were the first to develop PGD tests for aneuploidy, translocations, and Next Generation Sequencing for PGD. To date, Reprogenetics has performed over 45,000 PGD cycles, more than any other PGD laboratory.

Reprogenetics was the first Laboratory, and still one of the few, to be licensed by the State of New York California, Rhoda Island, Pennsylvania and Maryland Department of Health to perform Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis for any indication (aneuploidy, translocations, single gene disorders).

Unlike other PGD laboratories, Reprogenetics does not just read the literature and implement new techniques developed by others – Reprogenetics creates the literature, with more than 600 publications so far. It has been on the forefront of research since its inception, and has contributed to the majority of technologies now used in PGD laboratories.

Reprogenetics also has historically maintained the lowest error rate in the industry for single cell assessment. This is the result of ongoing improvements to the cytogenetics laboratories, optimization of embryo biopsy and fixation procedures, and Reprogenetics’ continuous research efforts to improve genetic assessment. Reprogenetics spends nearly one quarter of its revenue on studies and research related to developing new technologies, and enhancing existing ones. It is currently collaborating with more than 20 institutes to improve the future of PGD.