Experts in Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis

Reprogenetics offers PGD for any genetic disease with an identified mutation. Preparation for the test is necessary prior to starting a PGD cycle. In certain cases, it may be necessary to test blood and buccal cells from other family members. All tests must be scheduled in advance and coordinated through the Reprogenetics’ Clinical Genetics Services team.

Reprogenetics is approved by the NYSDOH to offer HLA matching. In HLA matching, embryos are screened for HLA-types compatible to those of an ill child from the patient couple. In cases such as lymphoma, where the child needing stem cell transplantation has an illness that is not caused by the inheritance of a defective gene, HLA-typing is the only testing necessary. However, if the illness is caused by a mutation passed from one generation to the next (parent to child), then an additional test can be performed. The only embryos implanted to the mother’s uterus will be those that are HLA compatible and free of the disease-causing mutation(s). Such embryos are expected to produce healthy stem cells with the correct tissue type for transplantation to their brother or sister.