Experts in Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis

Sophia Tormasi studied at Rutgers, New Jersey State University, USA, obtaining a B.S. in Biochemistry. While studying, she was involved in cancer research and specifically, the effects of Bisphenol A on Zebra fish. In 2007, she joined the Molecular team of Reprogenetics in New Jersey, USA. As a member of the team, she was involved in the processing and diagnosis of hundreds of clinical cases for preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) of single gene disorders. Apart from PGD for single gene disorders, Sophia was also involved in performance of PGD cases for aneuploidy screening. Sophia was a key member of the laboratory in New Jersey and her hard work and motivation assisted many couples to achieve their reproductive goals.

Her acquired expertise and experience in the field and her comprehensive understanding of the clinical PGD procedures were recognized by the company in 2011 when she was promoted to Supervisor of the Reprogenetics West Coast Laboratory in California; a position she still holds to date and involves the very important task of overseeing clinical work and handling all clinical cases for aneuploidy screening received from fertility clinics located on the West Coast of USA.