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Update on Next Generation Sequencing and Karyomapping

Reprogenetics laboratories were the first in the United States and Europe to use Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) for the purpose of identifying embryos with the greatest potential to produce a viable pregnancy. The first baby using this technique was born in 2013 after embryo analysis undertaken by Reprogenetics. A new technique called Karyomapping, which allows embryos to be tested for serious inherited conditions, is now available through Reprogenetics. The technique has been fully validated and offers significant advantages over other methods used for Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD).... Read→

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Reprogenetics is the leader in PGD. We excel because of our extensive experience, original research, unique and diversified background of staff, the ability to provide training, availability of expert advice and access to staff 365 days a year. Reprogenetics... Read→


Reprogenetics does not simply copy documented procedures and apply them to IVF Patients. Reprogenetics continues to innovate in order to provide better services for our patients. Towards this end, Reprogenetics maintains a strong focus on Technology,... Read→

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This section is for current and potential patients of Reprogenetics. Here you will find information that will answer questions you may have about our services. Why choose Reprogenetics? Which test is right for us? Genetic Counseling Unlocking... Read→